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Folk Music Ensemble JEEPERS

JEEPERS is a folk music ensemble from Tampere and Kangasala, Finland.  We perform in private events and on public arenas. We are running JEEPERS Folk Clubs at Pirtti in Kangasala. Welcome just to hear and feel us – or to play with us. We are always glad to invite guest musicians on stage.

Time for happy news now!

Matti Ruippo
Matti Ruippo

Welcome Matti Ruippo to join Jeepers! Now we can bravely say we have a professional musician in our line-up! Matti plays the bass, and and our guess is that sooner or later he might also make a few arrangements for our band… At the moment we are rehearsing our dance set, and planning to arrange a dance evening hopefully as soon as March or April.

In memoriam Olli-Pekka Lundén

We had very sad news lately indeed. Our base player Olli-Pekka Lundén passed away in the icy waters of the lake Vesijärvi, unexpectedly and accidentally, on 24 Jan 2020.

We feel very deep grief, all of us Jeepers, and we send the warmest condolences to his family.


Our passed-away bass player Olli-Pekka Lundén is still in this photo.


  • Reijo Lehto – mandolin, guitar
  • Teija Lehto – violin, vocals
  • Heidi Okkonen – accordion
  • Matti Ruippo – bass
  • Jukka Santanen, guitar
  • Heikki Siirtonen, drums
  • Jaakko Vuento, piano and keyboards

Musical Style

JEEPERS plays folk music on a broad scale: Finnish, Scandinavian, Irish folk music, and also American bluegrass. Blues is not strange to us either. On request we also play folk style traditional Finnish dance floor music – it has been very delightful in many private occasions! We mostly make our own musical arrangements.

Folk Clubs

We are running JEEPERS Folk Club evenings in Pirtti in Kangasala. Please contact us, if you would like to join us.

Readiness to Perform

By agreement pubs, clubs, festivals , weddings, folk-music style dance floors, private celebrations. Acoustically or slightly electronically amplified. We can bring our own PA devices.

Music Samples

We have some music samples on the Demo page, and also on YouTube.

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